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An Inside Look at Athens, Georgia




Steep or Cheap: Girls Night

As the holidays quickly approach, most individuals find themselves in 1 of 2 categories: Various relatives slip you money at family events and you are itching to spend it You are trying to save every…

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Vote for Athens & (maybe!) Win

What's your favorite spot in Athens, GA? Terrapin? Five and Ten? Memorial Park? We all have our favorites and now we all have our chance to vote! Georgia Magazine is currently asking for submissions for…

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Terrapin Beer Co. on CNN

Check out Terrapin Beer Co., profiled by CNN as a small business success story. John and Spike talk about the keys to their success. If you haven't been out to Terrapin Brewery for their tours and…

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Terrapin Round 2

Last Thursday, I went back to Terrapin to get some videos of the brewery tour. If you haven't been yet, I would highly recommend heading over there one afternoon - they're open to the public…

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