Yesterday may have been one of my saddest days as a student at the University of Georgia.  I was already depressed because it was my last Georgia football game and the forecast said 100% chance of rain all day (when does that ever even happen?).  Then to top that off, we actually lost to Georgia Tech, something that hasn't happened in 8 years and that Mark Richt has never experienced as the Bulldogs' coach.  

But instead of moping around and whining about the loss, I've been reflecting on my memories over the years at UGA.  From the blowout wins to heartbreaking losses, the last four years have turned me into a Bulldog for life.  

Hopefully everyone else has been able to deal with the loss as well.  If not, maybe these videos of UGA's best game day traditions will cheer you up a little bit.

Rain or shine, win or lose, I'll still be screaming... GO DAWGS!