November 1 in Jacksonville seems a little less bitter today and it has nothing to do with Tim Tebow.

Today the Georgia Gym Dogs defeated the Florida Gators in a home gymnastics meet in front of a sold out crowd of 10,224 in Stegeman Coliseum.

The Gym Dogs posted an incredible 198.200 to triumph the Gator's 196.650. Courtney Kupets also earned a perfect 10 on her floor routine for the Bulldogs.

The Gym Dogs are now 6-0, but as we all very well know, they are certainly not done yet.

With four consecutive national championships under their belts, it is now more clear then ever that the Gym Dogs are "all in for 10."

The next home meet will be held March 14 at 7:30 vs Michigan. This is the final home meet of the season and I can promise it will be one to not be missed!

Gym Dogs gymnastics meets are a great reason to enjoy Georgia athletics--beyond the fall--and get a taste of Athens in the process, so when you are planning that next Saturday afternoon outing with the kids, count this as your one way to ensure everyone will leave happy and ready to start training for a collegiate gymnastics career--including parents.