The Redcoats

Whenever UGA football fans gather in Sanford Stadium, time honored traditions span the length of every game. Providing the soundtrack of the stadium, the UGA Redcoat Band always rallies the Dawg Nation from the first notes of “Glory, Glory,” to the solemn salute of the Battle Hymn. In recognition of our prestigious Redcoat Band, this fall the UGA Special Collections Library will feature a new exhibit honoring The Redcoats and their history. 

Curator of the exhibit, Jason Hasty, said "The band isn't really about the music. It's about the people. They make the music what it is," and that is the driving inspiration behind the displays. The goal of The Redcoat exhibit is to honor those individuals, past and present, that have helped to create one of the most distinguished bands in the South, and to honor those that carry on that legacy every Saturday between the hedges.


What is there to see?

In the exhibit, you will find a host of interesting objects that show the transformation of the band from a small military band into the massive marching band that it is today. All of the items on display come from the archives of the library, or were donated by Redcoat alumni. One particularly interesting item on display is "The Red and Black March" written by the band's first director, R.E. Haughey, in 1908. No copies of this piece were thought to still exist, so this is a rare find that you will only see at the exhibit. 

Other displays celebrate the the auxiliaries and majorettes of the band. Batons, old uniforms, and other historic items line the cases telling the stories of those that have accompanied the band on the field. These particular displays especially highlight the contribution of Roger and Phyllis Dancz, the husband and wife duo that directed the band and the auxiliaries, respectively. Sheet music composed by Roger Dancz, the memos that he wrote to form the alumni band, and pictures of the couple’s work appear throughout the entire exhibit. Other exciting items on display include the Sudler trophy, the highest honor a marching band can be awarded. In 2000, The Redcoats were the first SEC marching band to win this acclaimed award.

The Special Collections library is open to the general public every day of the week. The Redcoat exhibit can be viewed anytime, but guided tours are provided at 3:00 p.m. every Friday before home football games.

Other Information

The Special Collections Library does not only feature UGA history; other exhibits in the library present a host of local and state history. These displays include pieces celebrating the Georgia Year of Music, an exact replica of Senator Richard B. Russell’s office, and a highly interactive Peabody Awards Collection. The exhibits change throughout the year offering visitors a multitude of interesting displays year round.

The UGA Redcoat Band exhibit is a wonderful stop to make during your UGA football weekend! Our website has great additional information for planning your stay, so come enjoy the history of these incredible musicians that cheer alongside us every Saturday between the hedges. 

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