Taking pictures is an essential activity when exploring a new city. It's imperative you have impeccable images to document everything you saw and every memory you made during your trip. Luckily, Athens has picture-perfect places around every corner. Here are the most Instagram-worthy spots in Athens, guaranteed to get you the likes!

1) Bulldog Statues

Snap a selfie with one of these beaming bulldogs! These iconic statues are spread out across Athens, including Downtown Athens, East Athens, and a recent addition on the University of Georgia campus. Each statue is painted with a unique design and embodies the characteristics of the surrounding area. See how many you can find during your visit!


2) Athens Murals

Strike your best pose in front of one of the many murals around Athens! From shopping at the boho-chic boutique Epiphany to savoring a slice of New York style cheesecake at Last Resort Grill or enjoying a Tropicalia at Creature Comforts Brewing Co., murals can be found everywhere covering the walls of Athens. Each mural's one-of-a-kind artwork makes for an eye-catching backdrop for any Instagram photo. Check out a list of Athens murals here.


3) State Botanical Garden of Georgia

With gardens, greenhouses, nature trails, and a chapel in the woods, the State Botanical Garden of Georgia is practically a photo playground. Roam around the 313 acres of the garden and see how many different settings you can snap a pic in. You’re sure to find the colors and spaces that enhance your Instagram aesthetic.


4) Athens Breweries

The Classic City does a of things well, but craft beer has earned a spot near the top of that list. Athens is home to three breweries, each offering distinctive tastes and a variation in environment. From Creature Comforts Brewing Co. in Downtown Athens to Southern Brewing Company in East Athens and Terrapin Beer Co. in the Warehouse District, whichever side of Athens you find yourself in, you're bound to be near a brewery. Kick back with a signature beer on tap, and, of course, capture the moment. 


5) The Tree Room

Tucked away in the Chase Street Warehouses is one of Athens’ most enchanting secrets: The Tree Room. This two-story space is exactly as it sounds; a tree grows from the ground through the center of this brick-walled room. This quaint space hosts wedding ceremonies and an occasional yoga class, but when not in use, you're free to wander in. While it may be on the smaller side, it offers natural lighting and a variety of angle options to play around with. Visit the Tree Room to capture a magical image unlike anything else you've seen on Instagram.


6) University of Georgia's Historic North Campus 

Whether you were born a Bulldog or it's your first time visiting Athens, UGA's Historic North Campus is home to several iconic Athens photo locations. From the Chapel Bell behind the UGA Chapel to Herty Field and its fountain, wander around the historic campus until you find your perfect photo spot. Of course, no visit to UGA is complete without a picture in front of The Arch. Be careful not to walk under this landmark, a tradition that is saved until after you have graduated from UGA!

7) The Cobbham District

Stroll down Prince Avenue from Downtown Athens and you'll find yourself in the Historic Cobbham District. Teal door frames, brick walls, and overgrown trees make this area a dream for those looking to up their Instagram game. Once your mini-photo shoot is finished, grab a coffee from Hendershot's or a bite to eat at The Grit as a reward for snapping the ideal Instagram image-- trust me, you won't want to leave this adorable area.

Cobbham District

8) Sanford Stadium

The gray bleachers of Sanford Stadium come alive with a sea of red and black on fall Saturdays in Athens. This color-coordinated crowd in the background will compliment your gameday attire while still allowing you to stand out in the picture. Stick around until the 4th quarter to watch the Bulldog Nation light up Sanford. Consider snapping a video of this for your Instagram story to include the music from the Redcoat Marching Band and really capture a magical moment.

Can't make it to a regular season game? Check out G Day, UGA football’s spring scrimmage game open to the general public at no admission charge. G Day is April 20, 2019; come ready to Call the Dawgs!

Sanford Stadium

9) Athens' Food Scene

You can't go wrong with a good ole' fashioned food photo! Visit Cali N Tito's for an eclectic environment that will stand out on your feed as much as the food will. The colorful, made-to-order donuts at Zombie Coffee and Donuts provide an appealing contrast against the white tile walls; you 'donut' want to miss out on your chance to snap a pic at this sweet spot!


Whether you're there at midday or at sunset, the Georgia Theatre Rooftop offers remarkable views of Downtown Athens you can't find anywhere else. Grab a seat at Automatic Pizza and take in all the action in Normaltown while enjoying a slice of pizza. We promise it won't be too 'cheesy' to post! Whether you want the focus to be on you or your food, you'll get a great shot with a great backdrop at any Athens restaurant!


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This post was originally authored by Rochelle Still and published in July, 2016. It has been completely revamped and updated by Kaleigh Wright on March 1, 2019.