Special Alert

Athens Face/Off

  • June 3, 2017
  • 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM
  • Location: 40 Watt Club
  • 285 W. Washington St. 
  • Athens, GA
  • Price: $5

Both a social and sonic experiment, Athens Face/Off was launched as a way to motivate musicians to play new songs with new people. 60 local musicians have been randomly assigned into trios and presented with a challenge: spend exactly one month preparing an original set of material with their new bandmates! On the night of Saturday, June 3, these 20 new groups will perform their first and possibly last show together using a three-stage rotation for non-stop sound.

This year’s Face/Off includes members of:

Ancient Whales, Arbor Labor Union, Athens Tango Project, Bit Brigade, Blue Bodies, Blunt Bangs, Cult of Riggonia, Dana Swimmer, Darnell Boys, Einschlagen, Emileigh Ireland, Eureka California, Feather Trade, Future Ape Tapes, Gabor Bonzo, Gary Eddy, Harlot Party, Heat Surreans, Hot Fudge, Jeremy Kiran Fernandes, Julianna Money, L’Or, Manray, Monsoon, Mother the Car, Motherf--ker, New Madrid, New Sound of Numbers, Nihilist Cheerleader, Old Smokey, Outersea, Palace Doctor, Powder Room, Pylon Reenactment Society, Reap, Severe Blush, Shade, Shehehe, Smokedog, Tabloid, The TaxiCab Verses, Tongues, T.S. Woodward, The Viking Progress, Waitress, Wild Abandon & more!

40 Watt Club
285 W. Washington St.