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Canopy Repertory Company's Fall Production: The Goth Show

  • November 15, 2019
    November 16, 2019
    November 17, 2019
  • Location: Canopy Studio
  • 160 Tracy St., Suite 6 
  • Athens, GA
  • Price: $20 adults; $15 for students; $6 kids
  • Time: Friday at 8pm; Saturday at 4 & 8 pm; Sunday at 2pm

The Goth Show, the newest aerial dance production from Canopy Studio’s Repertory Company, offers a bit of much-needed levity in today’s world. What began as a funny idea has evolved into a full-fledged show. Our dancers have found inspiration while exploring the concept of sub-culture, identity definitions, and nostalgia as it relates to the Goth lifestyle. What defines you? What is your style? Did you have a “dark” period? How does genre identity evolve in relation to age? All of these questions are up for discussion.

The aerialists in the Repertory Company will explore many sub-genres of Goth on invented metal triangles, an industrial fan, walkers, dance trapezes, ropes, ladders and poles. Joining the cast will be Artist in Residence, Constance Palmer, a circus artist specializing in aerial rope. With the help of a Creature Comforts Get Artistic Grant, Canopy was able to bring Palmer in to choreograph new work for several fabrics and rope instructors. Palmer’s concept is to merge both floor dance and aerial dance on rope, creating technical choreography that repeatedly finds the dancers back in the same spot. This collaboration is a unique opportunity and Canopy is grateful for the ability to bring in other professionals to create new work.

The Goth Show will feature set design by Timera Temple. Temple’s instructions were to create a scene that would reference a little bit of Notre Dame, a touch of high style Victorian (like a black house!), and an underpass that evokes an industrial feel (a la the viral YouTube video, Goths Under the Bridge). The design will be the habitat for our dancers who will emerge from their respective perches and perform feats in an act-to-act fashion. Several metal apparatus have been affixed to a “Hollywood Squares set” that will create the tableau visual… think a dark version of Chutes and Ladders as dancers move up and down different locales before taking to the stage to perform their respective gothy vision.

Canopy’s hope is that our art will provide a bit of fun in a world that we find increasingly heavy. So it’s time to get your Goth on- put on your black eyeliner and break out The Cure. Everyone has a little Goth- and hopefully you won’t have to dig too deep to find yours!

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Canopy Studio
160 Tracy St., Suite 6