Special Alert

Pictures and Words with Pictures, an exhibition of works by Eleanor Davis

Pictures and Words with Pictures, is a rare opportunity to view Eleanor Davis’s original works of painting and drawing, many of which became the book covers and illustrations we have come to love.

Davis is a cartoonist and illustrator whose works you can see often in the New Yorker, NY Times Book Review, Oxford American and other prominent publications including the Google Doodles.  Her book publications include How to be Happy, Libby’s Dad, You & A Bike & A Road, and most recently Why Art?, published by Fantagraphics.  
Eleanor Davis lives and works in Athens and is dedicated to the promotion of a better Athens and works diligently on social justice and equality rights with the local activist group, Athens For Everyone.

For more information please call 706 613 3623. 

Lyndon House Arts Center
293 Hoyt St.