Special Alert

Symposium: “The Image of the Buddha in South Asia"

  • March 23, 2018
  • Location: Georgia Museum of Art
  • 90 Carlton Street 
  • Performing and Visual Arts Complex 
  • University of Georgia 
  • Athens, GA
  • Phone: 7065424662
  • Price: Free

Speakers from Europe and across the United States will present a series of lectures engaging the early history and development of the Buddha image in South Asia in the symposium "The Image of the Buddha in South Asia: Trans-Regional Diversity, Localized Idioms and Iconographic Innovation." These lectures accompany and will be oriented toward contextualizing the exhibition “Images of Awakening: The Buddhist Sculptural Heritage of Afghanistan and Pakistan.” Lectures will include presentations by some of the foremost historians in the field of South Asian art on topics such as: Hellenistic influences in Gandharan Buddhist art, Buddhist sculptural traditions of the Himalayas, the evolution of the Buddha image in the Gangetic Plain, the heartland of Buddhism and early regional styles of Buddha images in the southeast of the Indian subcontinent. Sponsored by the Willson Center for Arts and Humanities.

Georgia Museum of Art
90 Carlton Street