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THE END OF MEAT is a groundbreaking documentary film envisioning a future where meat consumption belongs to the past. Filmmaker Marc Pierschel embarks on a journey to seven different countries to discover what effect a post-meat world would have on the environment, the animals, and ourselves. He meets Esther the Wonder Pig, who became an internet phenomenon; talks to pioneers leading the vegan movement in Germany; visits the first fully vegetarian city in India; witnesses rescued farm animals enjoying their newly found freedom; observes the future food innovators making meat and dairy without the animals, even harvesting “bacon” from the ocean, and much more. The film focuses on scientists, artists, doctors, entrepreneurs, philosophers, and activists who are creating compassionate change in the world and giving us hope for a sustainable future.

Discussion led by Psychology professor Dr. Janet Frick. Sponsored by Speak Out for Species and the UGA Office of Sustainability as part of the Animal Voices Film Festival.

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UGA Zell B. Miller Learning Center room 150
48 Baxter Street