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Athens-to-Atlanta Road Skate (A2A)

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  • Athens GA UNKNOWN
  • (404) 806-7251
  • Region: N/A

The Athens-to-Atlanta Road Skate is America's oldest outdoor road skate with three distance options: 87 miles, 49 miles, or 38 miles.

Open to Quad Skaters? YES!!

All distances (87, 49 and 38-mile) are on-road courses with vehicular traffic. Participants are expected to follow cycling laws for safety measures. Course is challenging and requires experienced skating ability, courage, and stamina. All skaters are required to wear a U.S. CPSC approved helmet and wrist protection.

Field Limit 1,000 Skaters. Event phone number: 404-806-7251

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    2017 Athens-to-Atlanta Road Skate (A2A)

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