Special Alert

Double-Barreled Cannon

  • Grounds of City Hall|
  • Intersection of Hancock Ave. and College Ave.|
  • Athens GA 30601
  • |Toll Free: 800-653-0603
  • Region: Downtown

Built at the local foundry in 1863 when an anxious community feared attack by invading Northern armies, this one-of-a-kind weapon is among the most unusual relics preserved from the Civil War. The concept was to load the cannon with two balls connected by a chain several feet in length. When fired, the balls and chain would whirl out and cut down the unfortunate enemy soldiers caught in the path. Legend has it than when test-fired, a field of unfortunate cows became the only victims of this new weaponry technology. A spectacular failure in testing, it has met with success as a cherished landmark of Athens. Free. Faces north (just in case!) on the grounds of City Hall, intersection of Hancock and College.

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