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Fire & Flavor

  • 297 Prince Ave.|
  • Suite 20|
  • Athens GA 30601
  • (706) 621-4062
  • |Toll Free: (866) 728-8332
  • Region: Prince Ave-Normaltown

Coming from a long line of Southern cooks, avid griller and cook Gena Knox was in search of flavor inspiration to enhance her home cooked meals—a way of cooking that was simple, healthy, and flavorful. That’s where the cedar plank comes in. Exploring the age-old Native American cooking technique, Gena found that cedar plank grilling infused food with a fantastic smoky flavor, was easy to prepare, and resulted in a beautiful presentation. After one taste of salmon grilled on a cedar plank, Gena and her husband, Davis, were hooked. Wheels turned, and soon, Fire & Flavor was born. Today, Fire & Flavor products are available in national retailers such as Kroger, Publix, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Lowe's, as well as local Athens shops.

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