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Hip Pops

  • 160 Tracy St., Ste. 13|
  • Chase Park Warehouses|
  • Enter through |
  • Athens GA 30601
  • (650) 521-4022
  • Region: Blvd.-Warehouse Dist.

These amazing frozen treats are the brainchild of Athens' own Melissa Fontaine, who uses surprising combinations of ingredients gives the creations pun-centric names based on hip hop artists.

For example, the Big Peppa is a pineapple-based confection dashed with cayenne pepper, adding a kick at the end of the fruity sweet flavor. Others are based on pies she enjoys, down to a graham cracker crust.

The assortment of flavors includes those inspired by cocktails, or favorite pies, down to the graham cracker crust.   Most of the flavors change weekly, and are sure to be a surprise to those expecting a typical juice-packet ice pop.

Best of all, the popsicles are all natural and free of any refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup.


Tuesday - Friday1 - 6 p.m.
Friday - Saturday: available for catering
Find the Hip Pops Cart at www.Facebook.com/HipPopsAthens