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Tlaloc El Mexicano

  • 1225 N Chase St.|
  • Athens GA 30601
  • (706) 613-9301
  • Region: Blvd.-Warehouse Dist.

When you go to Tlaloc El Mexicano, you'll find the most fresh and authentic Mexican and Salvadorian food around! From the pupusas to the tacos, they've got it all, including a wide selection of margaritas, beer, jarritos, sodas, and fresh fruit waters.

The folks behind Tlaloc El Mexicano are from Teotihuacan, a well known city in Mexico, located only 25 miles from Mexico City. Teotihuacan is famous for its giant pyramids, such as "Pyramid of Sun", which stands 210 feet tall. Join Tlaloc for daily specials and culinary wonders such as:  pupusas, gorditas, Tacos Dorados (fried tacos), Huaraches, Enchiladas, Chilaquiles, and Torta de Pambazo.