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Two Story Coffeehouse - Five Points

  • 1680 South Lumpkin St.|
  • Athens GA 30606
  • (706) 850-5422
  • Region: Five Points

Two Story Coffeehouse exists to provide the Athens community with a comfortable place to enjoy a great cup of coffee in a unique coffeehouse experience. Our beautiful historic house in Five Points provides two different stories to fit the needs of each individual who is welcomed through our doors. The first story provides an environment perfect for enjoying community and conversation. With our large coffee bar, comfortable seating, and spacious porches, you will find the perfect place to catch up with a friend or share a random moment with someone new. The second story creates an ideal environment for anyone looking for a quiet place to read or study. There you will find two rooms that are dedicated to making it easy to concentrate and be productive- no matter what the task.

At Two Story Coffeehouse you will find more than just great coffee and excellent service, you will find a unique environment and authentic people who are truly interested in your Story.

Two Story Coffeehouse offers a few meeting spaces to customers for meetings, workshops, or other events.  All spaces must be reserved 48 hours in advance as well as any large quantity food or drink orders placed.  A fee of $25 an hour will be charged for all room reservations. Nonprofit and community groups may reserve space for two hours or less without paying the reservation fee, however will be required to purchase one airpot of coffee for their meeting or event.

At our Five Points location, there is limited parking available in front of Two Story for quick-coffee-grabbers and for our senior coffee-lovers. Additional parking is available in back of the coffeehouse. Please follow the driveway to the back and exit from the back of the property. You can also park on Lumpkin Street in front of the Stiles building for a stay of an hour or two. Please do not park behind either of our neighbors, Homeplace or Athens Classic Properties, until after 6 PM. Grabbing a spot along Milledge Circle is an option any time of day, along with the public parking available behind the fire station.