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Copper Creek
Exterior patio shot of the Copper Creek Brewing Company downtown.
Credit: Elements Studio-ADDA
Creature Comforts Tasting Room
An inside look at the tasting room at Creature Comforts Brewery.
Credit: Creature Comforts
Creature Comforts Brewery
Exterior shot of Creature Comforts Brewery, located in the historic downtown district of Athens, Ga.
Credit: Creature Comforts
Creature Comforts
A line-up of Creature Comforts beer, made right here in Athens, Ga!
Credit: Creature Comforts
Terrapin Tasting Station
Terrapin beer is served on tap at their multiple tasting stations located in various areas within the brewery.
Credit: Fiona Hicks
Terrapin Conveyor Belt
Come out and take a tour of Terrapin Brewery and see everything from the beers on the conveyor belt to how the beer is made!
Credit: Fiona Hicks
Terrapin Beer Ice Bucket
As the first brewery in Athens, Terrapin beers will always have a place in our hearts, and on ice!
Credit: Fiona Hicks
Terrapin Taps
Come out to the tasting room at the Terrapin Brewery to try out your favorite Terrapin beers on tap.
Credit: VisitAthensGA.com
Terrapin Brewery Tours
Terrapin Tasting and Brewery Tour is one of the many activities The Terrapin Brewery Co. has to offer!
Credit: Fiona Hicks
Terrapin Rye
One of Terrapins most successful beers, Terrapin Rye, on the line to be packed and distributed.
Credit: Fiona Hicks
Terrapin Brewery Warehouse
Come out and enjoy an afternoon with the Terrapin Brewery Co. by touring their Athens, Ga warehouse.
Credit: Fiona Hicks