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Athens-Clarke County City Hall
Athens-Clarke County City Hall in the heart of downtown Athens.
Credit: visitathensgadotcom
Bar South
One of Athens many downtown bars, Bar South, in the afternoon.
Credit: Scott Kinney
City Hall Statue
A statue in font of City Hall in downtown Athens.
Credit: Scott Kinney
Athens City Hall
Athens City Hall located in the Historic Downtown District.
Credit: Elements Studio-ADDA
Night Scene of Downtown Athens
Athens, Ga, known for it's downtown district, comes to life at night.
Credit: Elements Studio-ADDA
Broad Street Nighttime
The nightlife in Athens is like no other, our famous Broad street comes to life after dark.
Credit: Elements Studio-ADDA
Old Buildings
There are many historic buildings downtown, making Athens the perfect mix of old and young.
Frigidaire Building
A vintage Frigidaire painting on a building in downtown Athens!
Credit: Elements Studio-ADDA
Downtown Athens Rooftop
Historic downtown Athens is vibrant, eclectic, and sits just across Broad Street from the University of Georgia, the oldest state-chartered university in America.
Credit: VisitAthensGA.com - Scott Kinney
Downtown Athens Shoppers
Shoppers downtown take a break to enjoy one of the many coffee houses here in Athens.
Credit: Elements Studio-ADDA
Walker's Pub
Streetview of Walker's Pub, a cafe by day and pub by night.
Credit: Elements Studio-ADDA
The Grill Night Scene
Nighttime view of the Grill, open 24 hours to feed all of the night owls in Athens.
Credit: Elements Studio-ADDA
Streetview of 40 Watt
Washington Street in Athens serves as the home of great Athens restaurants and music venues like Clocked, the Flicker Theater, and the 40 Watt.
Credit: Elements Studio-ADDA
Welcome Center Bulldawg Statue
Painted bulldog statue at the Welcome Center in Athens, Ga.
Credit: Elements Studio-ADDA
Downtown Athens Streetside Dining
Downtown Athens, Georgia, has many outdoor dining options.
Credit: Elements Studio-ADDA