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Farmers Market Bowl
A bowl of local produce at the Farmer's Market here in Athens, Ga every week.
Credit: Elements Studio-ADDA
Athens Farmers Market
Fresh Flowers, among other goodies at the Farmers Market here in Athens, Ga.
Credit: Elements Studio-ADDA
Farmer's Market Flowers
Fresh flowers and produce offered every week at the Farmer's Market in Athens.
Credit: Elements Studio-ADDA
Jittery Joe's Roast
Cans of Jittery Joe's coffee available for purchase at any of their locations!
Credit: Terry Allen
Jittery Joe's Coffee
Jittery Joe's delicious and strong shot of espresso at one of their many locations.
Credit: Terry Allen
Jittery Joe's
Jittery Joe's trike resting outside of one of the coffee houses' many locations here in Athens.
Credit: Terry Allen
Little Free Library
Come by and pick up or drop off a book at the Little Free Library located in Five Points!
Credit: VisitAthensGA.com
Phickles Pickles on the rooftop
Phickles Pickles on a rooftop in Athens, GA.
Credit: VisitAthensGA.com