Special Alert

Special Menu for During the game

  • Redeemable: Thursday, Sep 7, 2017 - Saturday, Nov 25, 2017
  • Locations: The National

Why should you spend Game Day with The National? It's true, they don't have a television. But during the game, they welcome all townies, regulars, casual sports bystanders, girlfriends and wives, really anybody not so interested in viewing the Dawgs' latest win--that could be you! Unlike many weekends, it's easy to walk in or make a reservation while the football game is on. To avoid the difficult parking on game days, they recommend taking a Lyft or Uber to get downtown. Make a pit stop at the bar for a cocktail because now you can! Most importantly, all season long we are thrilled to offer a special 3-course dinner menu during the game for those who care to spend the evening with The National! As always, score updates are available on request 😉

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    The National

    • Region: Downtown
    • The idea behind The National is simple: to provide a casual neighborhood…
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