Forbes Advisor compiled a list of top places to travel in 2023, and Athens made the list. We're not surprised, but we are thrilled. Athens is in great company  - sandwiched between Armenia and Baku - with other U.S. spots like Chattanooga and Colorado Springs, plus international suggestions all over the world. 

"Trying to pick the best place for your travels is like being forced to decide your favorite song or most beloved food—not only are the options overwhelmingly endless, but your preferences can change at any given minute. Here at Forbes Advisor, we’ve compiled a list of our top 50 destinations for 2023 to help inspire your travel list but also to assist you in narrowing down the options. Destinations range from quick weekend getaway options, to trekking out to some of the most remote parts of the Earth. And, naturally, we have included how you can utilize your points and miles to save loads of cash on whatever journey you decide to embark on.

Where will you go in 2023?"


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