Athens Historic Districts

Athens boasts 17 historic districts, with a total of sites on the National Register of Historic Places. Take a guided tour of many of these historic sites, offered daily through Historic Athens Tours. The knowledgeable staff at the Historic Athens Welcome Center can also provide you with an area map and provide suggestions for a self-guided tour of historic Athens.

1, Athens Factory
Baldwin and Williams Sts.
33°57′10″N 83°22′10″W

2, Athens Manufacturing Company
585 While Circle
33°54′20″N 83°21′28″W

3, Athens Warehouse Historic District
Roughly bounded by Hancock and Thomas Sts., and the RR tracks
33°57′32″N 83°22′17″W

4, Bishop House
Jackson St., University of Georgia campus
33°57′21″N 83°22′23″W

5, Bloomfield Street Historic District
Roughly bounded by Bloomfield and Peabody Sts., U of G campus, Rutherford St and Milledge Ave.
33°56′44″N 83°23′06″W

6, Boulevard Historic District
Roughly bounded by the Seaboard Coastline RR tracks, Pulaski St., Prince Ave., and Hiawassee St.
33°57′54″N 83°23′23″W

7, Brightwell Shotgun Row
366-376 Barber St.
33°57′59″N 83°23′08″W

8, Buena Vista Heights Historic District
Roughly bounded by Park Ave., Prince Ave., Pound St., and Nantahala Extension
33°57′58″N 83°24′06″W

9, Camak House
279 Meigs St.
33°57′32″N 83°22′59″W

10, Carnegie Library Building
1401 Prince Ave. (on the UGA Health Sciences Campus)
33°57′50″N 83°24′16″W

11, Albon Chase House
185 N. Hull St.
33°57′27″N 83°22′45″W

12, Chestnut Grove School
 610 Epps Bridge Rd.
33°55′59″N 83°26′18″W

13, Church-Waddel-Brumby House
(Athens Welcome Center)

280 E. Dougherty St.
33°57′43″N 83°22′33″W

14, Clarke County Jail
Courthouse Sq.
33°57′34″N 83°23′06″W

15, T. R. R. Cobb House
194 Prince Ave.
33°57′40″N 83°22′54″W

16, Cobb-Treanor House
1234 S. Lumpkin St.
33°56′42″N 83°22′46″W

17, Cobbham Historic District
Roughly bounded by Prince Ave., Hill, Reese, and Pope Sts.
33°57′32″N 83°23′31″W

18, Coca-Cola Bottling Plant-Athens
297 Prince Ave.
33°57′35″N 83°23′00″W

19, Ross Crane House
247 Pulaski St.
33°57′30″N 83°22′51″W

20, Dearing Street Historic District
Roughly bounded by Broad and Baxter Sts., Milledge Ave., and includes both sides of Finley St. and Henderson Ave.
33°57′11″N 83°23′07″W

21, Albin P. Dearing House
338 S. Milledge Ave.
33°57′06″N 83°23′16″W

22, Downtown Athens Historic District
Roughly bounded by Hancock Ave., Foundry, Mitchell
33°57′30″N 83°22′25″W

23, First African Methodist Episcopal Church
521 N. Hull St.
33°57′39″N 83°22′46″W

24, Franklin House
464-480 E. Broad St.
33°57′28″N 83°22′35″W

25, Garden Club of Georgia Museum-Headquarters House, Founder's Memorial Garden
Lumpkin St., University of Georgia campus
33°57′15″N 83°22′33″W

26, Gospel Pilgrim Cemetery
530 Fourth St.
33°58′09″N 83°21′41″W

27, Henry W. Grady House (Taylor-Grady House)
634 Prince Ave.
33°57′42″N 83°23′18″W

28, Dr. James S. Hamilton House
150 S. Milledge Ave.
33°57′16″N 83°23′19″W

29, Jackson Street Cemetery
S. Jackson St., University of Georgia campus
33°57′21″N 83°22′25″W

30, Lucy Cobb Institute Campus
200 N. Milledge Ave., University of Georgia campus
33°57′22″N 83°23′23″W

31, Gov. Wilson Lumpkin House
Cedar St., University of Georgia campus
33°56′51″N 83°22′26″W

32, Joseph Henry Lumpkin House
248 Prince Ave.
33°57′38″N 83°22′57″W

33, Milledge Avenue Historic District
Milledge Ave. from Broad St. to Five Points
33°56′52″N 83°23′16″W

34, Milledge Circle Historic District
Milledge Park, Lumpkin St., Milledge Circle and Milledge Ave.
33°56′15″N 83°23′22″W

35, Morton Building
199 W. Washington St.
33°57′31″N 83°22′43″W

36, Newton House
892 Prince Ave.
33°57′43″N 83°23′34″W

37, Oconee Hill Cemetery
297 Cemetery St.
33°57′04″N 83°22′06″W

38, Oglethorpe Avenue Historic District
Oglethorpe Ave.
33°57′58″N 83°24′15″W

39, Old North Campus, University of Georgia
Bounded by Broad, Lumpkin, and Jackson Sts.
33°58′01″N 83°22′30″W

40, Hubert Bond Owens House
215 W. Rutherford St.
33°56′34″N 83°23′10″W

41, Calvin W. Parr House
227 Bloomfield St.
33°56′53″N 83°23′09″W

42, Parrott Insurance Building
283 E. Broad St.
33°57′28″N 83°22′30″W

43, UGA President's House
570 Prince Ave.
33°57′41″N 83°23′11″W

44, Reese Street Historic District
Roughly bounded by Meigs, Finley, Broad, & Harris Sts.
33°57′26″N 83°23′06″W

45, Rocksprings Shotgun Row Historic District
433-447 Rocksprings St.
33°56′50″N 83°23′29″W

46, James A. Sledge House
749 Cobb St.
33°57′37″N 83°23′49″W

47, R. P. Sorrells House
220 Prince Ave.
33°57′38″N 83°22′56″W

48, Thomas-Carithers House (Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority)
530 S. Milledge Ave.
33°56′56″N 83°23′16″W

49, Upson House
1022 Prince Ave.
33°57′14″N 83°23′40″W

50, United States Post Office and Courthouse
115 E. Hancock St.
33°57′36″N 83°22′38″W

51, Ware-Lyndon House
293 Hoyt St.
33°57′50″N 83°22′35″W

52, West Cloverhurst Avenue Historic District
W. Cloverhurst Ave. vet. Springdale St. and S. Milledge Ave.
33°56′39″N 83°23′30″W

53, West Hancock Avenue Historic District
Roughly bounded by Hill, Franklin, Broad Sts. and the Plaza
33°57′20″N 83°23′38″W

54, White Hall
Whitehall and Simonton Bridge Rds.
33°53′48″N 83°21′50″W

55, Wilkins House
33°57′04″N 83°23′12″W

56, Winterville Historic District
Roughly center on Main St. and on the abandoned Georgia RR line within the city limits of Winterville
33°58′03″N 83°16′40″W

57, Woodlawn Historic District
Woodlawn Ave.
33°56′31″N 83°22′53″W

58, Young Women's Christian Association Complex
345-347 W. Hancock St.
33°57′31″N 83°22′51″W