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Designated as one of the South’s most underrated food cities by USA Today, Athens, GA is a rising star on the food scene. Blending traditional Southern staples with contemporary fare, this city’s award-winning restaurants have contributed to Athens’ burgeoning foodie culture. Check out our foodie itineraries to eat your way through Athens, or browse foodie events for special menus, popup events, farmers markets and more. 

Dining in Downtown

Authentic dining experiences abound in Downtown Athens. From Mediterranean-inspired dishes to Italian fare to modern twists on traditional cuisine, you’ll find something to suit your palate at Athens’ esteemed Downtown restaurants. Between affordable, yet high-quality, dining, a walkable downtown area and pet-friendly restaurants, Athens’s flourishing food scene is a surefire hit with foodies and casual diners alike. To browse more restaurant choices, check out our restaurant listings below.

Seasonal Dishes

For locally sourced menus and farmers markets in Northern Georgia, plan a visit to Athens. Seasonal markets bring together local vegetables, meat, bread and dairy for fresh finds. Many restaurants in Athens also feature rotating menus that provide farm-to-table meals and let you sample seasonal items, further enhancing the celebrated foodie culture.

Craft Breweries

Athens is home to a growing number of craft breweries. Experience the local flavors with a brew tour or visit a taproom to see how award-winning brews are crafted. Comfortable settings and friendly brewmasters enhance the beer-tasting atmosphere, making your next trip to Athens a memorable experience.

Dine in Athens, GA

Whether you’re a dedicated foodie, epicure or craft beer enthusiast, Athens, GA has you covered with a full range of award-winning restaurants, breweries, bakeries, cafés and more. Browse Athens food events listings for special dining experiences, and be sure to check out dining coupons and deals to stretch your dollar. For help planning your trip to Athens, GA, contact us today. To search through a full catalog of Athens dining options, take a look at our restaurant listings below.

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