Where to Park and Tailgate Before a UGA Football Game

UGA Tailgate grill guysWant to score a prime parking spot for tailgating before the Georgia Bulldogs' home games? Here are some UGA football game day parking options in Athens, Georgia that will put you close to all the pre and post-game action. Don't miss all the football Saturday fun -- 'cause we all know that SEC tailgating is the BEST tailgating in the country!


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Top Tailgate Spots on the  UGA Campus:

  • UGA's Historic North Campus and Herty Field: You'll be near where it all began, as Herty Field is the site of the early UGA football games. Movers and shakers wine and dine and socialize here. It's beautiful and shady, and due to its historic nature has some tighter regulations on noise and trash than some other spots. This is a good spot for families.

  • Central Campus: There are reserved parking and prepaid tailgate services for those who don't want to pack all their own gear. 
  • South Campus: With plenty of room to spread out, some of the largest and oldest tailgate groups have staked their claim in these spots for years and years. Music and tv broadcasts of other games vie for attention with grilling and cornhole.
  • Intramural Fields: Many RVers love this area, as well as others who like plenty of space and a shuttle to and from the stadium. Tip: These are some of the last-to-fill-up spots for those who don't have season parking, and the shuttles are very convenient back to the parking lot, which in turn is right next to the bypass for an easy escape after the game.

Top Tailgate Spots Off-Campus:

  • Downtown Athens: You'll love being in the middle of all the buzz downtown, with pre-game broadcasts, corporate promotions and plenty of shops and restaurants to keep you occupied. 
  • The Classic Center: In Downtown Athens, The Classic Center is a very short walk to the stadium, and offers plenty of conveniences and amenities, including indoor restrooms. A range of parking and tailgate packages are offered for both cars and RVs.
  • Private Tailgate Parks: Want to always know where your spot will be and have it ready and waiting for you, along with amenities? Consider investing in a private tailgate facility like TailGAte Station and Bulldog Park.


UGA and Sanford Stadium follow the SEC's Clear Bag Policy. The last thing you want to be faced with is the option of tossing your purse or hiking back to your car.

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