Visit Athens Brand Toolkit

We've gathered these resources and files for media, meeting planners, partners and stakeholders who share our goal of promoting Athens, Georgia, in a way that is memorable and true to our creative energy. You will find Visit Athens logos, promotional images, and more.

Please use these assets and follow these standards for all visual communication, both internally and externally, for Visit Athens.

Visit Athens Logo

Our logo is the visual embodiment of the Visit Athens brand. Bold and energetic, our logo invites visitors and residents alike to experience Athens. It is our face, our “hello,” our promise that we’re always open. Please note the following application and usage guidelines. The primary logo below is approved for use by media, meeting and convention clients, and Visit Athens vendors. It is not approved for commercial, for-profit use without prior agreement between you and Visit Athens. If you have any questions about logo usage or are a current partner and need a different file type or variation, please contact


Primary Logo

Visit Athens primary color logo square

Download Primary Logo files 


Reversed Logo

The full-color versions of the logos should not be utilized on dark backgrounds because it would compromise readability. Instead, use a reversed applications logo file. When employing a reversed application, please defer to using ones that incorporate vintage white. Only use versions incorporating basic white when a higher contrast is necessary to the design.

Visit Athens Reversed Logo examples

Download Reversed Logo files


Primary Colors

Visit Athens Primary Colors

Image Sampler

We are pleased to provide a selection of images for use in promoting visitation to Athens. Please credit unless there is a different credit indicated within the file name.

View and download images.
If you have questions or need additional images, contact us at

Athens photo gallery sampler preview

More Athens Resources