Athens, Ga. - "On Second Thought," the daily news and talk radio program produced by Georgia Public Broadcasting and hosted by Celeste Headlee, will broadcast live shows on Thursday, June 25, and Friday, June 26, from 9-10 a.m. at the University of Georgia's WUGA-FM studio in Athens. Both days will feature a unique lineup of local newsmakers, experts and AthFest artists.

Limited seating for a studio audience will be available for these shows. Seating information is available on WUGA's website at

On June 25, live music will be provided by AthFest artist Sye Elaine Spence, accompanied by Michael Lesousky on guitar; Linda Chen will report on AthFest and its place in Georgia's music landscape; the audience will meet Bob Sleppy, director of Nuci's Space, a unique nonprofit organization that provides mental health resources for local musicians; and Morton Building director Lynn Green will discuss the fascinating history of the venue named after Pink Morton, who was a pioneering African-American businessman in Athens.

On June 26, live music will be provided by AthFest artist BlackNerdNinja; Chen will bring a report from the annual Flagpole Music Awards; listeners will be invited to take a walking tour of Athens on the radio and play along with local contestants Gabe Vodicka, Paul Butchart and Jordan Stepp during a music trivia game; and Headlee will give a special Athens edition of "The Breakroom" to review the week's buzzworthy headlines.

"On Second Thought" is an hourlong daily news talk show airing at 9 a.m. weekdays. Timely, pegged conversations are about topics relating to Georgia, including politics, health care, education, music, literature and race. The program incorporates comments and ideas of listeners into its stories and welcomes input from the Georgia community.

"On Second Thought" host Headlee has worked in public radio since 1999 as a reporter, host and correspondent. She was the Midwest correspondent for National Public Radio before becoming the co-host of the Public Radio International show "The Takeaway." She then went on to guest host a number of NPR shows including "Tell Me More," "Talk of the Nation," "Weekend All Things Considered" and "Weekend Edition."

Headlee also anchored election coverage for PBS World in 2012 and was a regular guest on CNN. She holds multiple degrees in music and performs as a professional opera singer.

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