Today's blog entry comes from guest contributor Macy Sirmans, who is preparing for a fun and potentially rewarding scavenger hunt on the UGA campus in Athens, Georgia on Tuesday, January 24th.  Though taking place on campus, this event is not only for students. If a non-student finds a gift before a student does, more power to 'em!
Rule #1:  You can't win if you don't play! 

Macy tells us all about it:

Last September, Vince Camuto at UGA made a name for itself on UGA's campus by engaging the student body in an extremely fashionable game of hide-and-go-seek by combining coveted designer merchandise with clues via social media.

Beginning on January 24th, the Vince Camuto at UGA team is excited to announce that the Campus Hunt is returning to Athens, GA! Prepare to scout and scrimmage for 30 delightful gifts that will be placed throughout academic buildings, lecture halls and on-campus parks. Hints and photos detailing gifts and their whereabouts will be posted on the Vince Camuto at UGA Facebook page immediately after they are hidden.If luck allows, you may just happen upon a bottle of perfume, pair of shoes or to-die-for leather handbag right outside of class.

Vince Camuto events scheduled for the rest of the Spring 2012 semester include opportunities to score job interview worthy attire, bridge the gap between fashion and dance, attend a runway show and, as always, snag numerous glamorous giveaways.

"Like" and monitor to emerge victorious from the Campus Hunt and remain in-the-know about a designer's Athens, Georgia impact.
A recap of last semester's Campus Hunt: