The Georgia Museum of Art, UGA's on-campus art museum may be closed for renovations until early 2011, but is still open to visitors...and you will not be accompanied by clouds of dust, the clamor of drills or masks as visitor attire; you can visit the museum virtually.

The museum recently launched a virtual museum in Second Life featuring paintings and drawings from its permanent collection. The virtual museum contains an almost exact replica of the galleries at the museum in Athens and is available to all residents of Second Life.

Second Life is a free, virtual online world that is imagined, created and maintained by its residents. Since its inception in 2003, Second Life has provided a world that supports all forms of expression and offers educational, business and entertainment opportunities to millions of users.

The Georgia Museum of Art can be found in Second Life by stopping by the UGA CTL Island: UGA's virtual world in Second Life. The Georgia Museum of Art hopes to utilize Second Life as an educational tool for its current audience as well as a new online audience.

What easier way to take part in one of the many places Athens has to offer than for free and from the comfort of your own home?