Chef and restaurateur Peter Dale has contributed to the delicious and tasty culinary scene with restaurants such as The National, Seabear Oyster, Condor Chocolates and Maepole. 

In this video, Dale talks about his "revelation in food" and his restaurants.


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That is something that I've never forgotten. I still remember what we ate we had monkfish cheeks over Israeli Cous Cous and then we had duck confit with a star anise gastrique and roasted grapes. I'd never had anything like either of those two dishes and I was having this revelation in food in Athens.

And it never occurred to me to think about really like the anthropology of why things are eaten in certain places. So we're cooking something that is very Southern that's grown around us but treating it in a way that's a little different.

SeaBear sort of found this kind of irreverent voice that was about serious but fun cocktails and serious but fun food and sourcing great oysters from near and far. And that seemed to have found a place that people that resonated with people in Athens.

It's been wonderful to go to Ecuador now not only see family but also to have a deeper connection to my mom's country and to our family there. And the terroir in Ecuador when it comes to cacao is really pleasing to us and part of that is nostalgia.

When I eat our chocolate I am reminded of chocolates that we grew up eating as kids.

We're often in a hurry or we don't have a lot of time to sit down and eat a full meal that is fresh vegetables and well sourced proteins that you know will fill you up and taste good and make you feel good. 

One thing that's been a lot of fun is to see all the businesses evolve. You know you have an idea and then you get people in there and you get a great team around you and embrace their ideas and run with it.