So finals week has turned into two weeks...and thus I have neglected to share as much about this classic city as I would like. Next week, my time as the Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau will come to an end, but not my time in Athens at UGA.

One year left. In my past three years in Athens I have come to love everything about this town, which led me to make a list of my top 10 favorite Athens outings. With a year left, I'm sure I have a lot to see, do and learn, and I don't want to miss a beat.

If you haven't seen or done any of these I suggest you do, whatever I am missing, please let me know, I plan on making the most of my short 4-year span here!

In no particular order, with the exception of how they came to mind, here are my top 10:

1. 5 & 10
Sunday brunch is to die for, I have yet to make it here for dinner, but the service, atmosphere, fresh fruit and french toast are the highlights of my weekends.

2. Memorial Park
Athens has a zoo?! Yes indeed, and it's free. Though you may not find hundreds of exotic animals, seeing some of the creatures that call Athens home is reason enough to make the trip.

3. North Campus Quad
I have yet to find a season that I can't find a big oak to sit under and enjoy. Not to mention the squirrels are unusually friendly. This one isn't just for the day either, visit North Campus late at night and you are sure to find students playing a game of frisbee golf on a course of random objects throughout.

4. Morton Theatre
I fell in love with this one this first time I stepped through the doors. It has maintained all of the charm and architecture, feeling as if you were in another time. Most shows are local and relatively inexpensive.

5. Last Resort Grill
The wait may be long, but there is a reason. The praline chicken is my favorite, and I seldom leave without leftovers for the next day.

6. Sanford Stadium
The center for all life in Athens in the fall. It would be hard to picture this town without football. Trying to explain the way Athens transforms on Saturdays in the fall is nearly impossible to do...I've tried for three years now.

7. Helix
If I ever need a card, a gift or a reason to window shop, this store takes the cake. From handmade crafts, to quirky kitchen utensils, finding the perfect one-of-a-kind gift is far from hard here.

8. Two Story Coffeehouse
A rather new addition to the Athens coffeehouse scene, the charm here is what gets me. To describe this one as a house in 5 points converted into a coffeehouse would almost seem to take away from the fact that it is still a house: full of chairs, tables and aroma perfect for studying or socializing.

9. Mama's Boy
Just like mom makes it. Sounds cliche, but this little spot is just that. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this one is quite popular on the weekends, so get there early. You won't be disappointed.

10. Georgia Theatre
The quintessential college campus venue, the Georgia Theatre combines local bands and fan favorites. The seating upstairs/pit downstairs accommodate all and don't miss the giant fan on the ceiling keeping everyone cool.

This is only 10 and Athens has hundreds. Let me know what I'm missing and where I should be next, even if only to help me procrastinate during finals week!