Very Disco, an Athens-based Daft Punk tribute band

There are few things that are more fun to me than going out dancing. Dancing is one of my favorite things to do in Athens, and I seek out dance halls when I'm traveling, too (I'm looking very forward to a 1980s music-video dance party, complete with a spring-loaded dance floor, in a couple of weeks when I visit Portland, Oregon). Of course, that means different things to different people. Some people like to dance with a partner, some people want frequent breaks from the action to chat with their friends. For me, I need anyone going out to dance with me to know that I take it very seriously: I don't appreciate interruptions and won't stop until the lights come up and the bartenders are shuffling people out the door.Lucky for me, I can get my fix several nights a week in Athens. I'm getting excited about a show Thursday night at the 40 Watt Club that promises to deliver the groove and I thought I'd put together a list of ways you can get your jam on, no matter your scene.

  • This week, I highly recommend checking out Very Disco, an Athens-based Daft Punk tribute band. Very Disco is the partnership of Alfredo Lapuz Jr (better known as DJ Immuzikation) and Stanley Walker II, and does an incredible re-creation of the French synth-pop duo's stage shows using keyboards, Auto-tuned vocals, live remixing, psychedelic light displays and DJing to perform tunes from Daft Punk's dance-happy catalog. For more info, visit 40 Watt's Web site or Very Disco's Facebook page.

  • Athens has a large number of DJs who get the party people moving, but you can find DJ Immuzikation and DJ Mahogany spinning most weeks. Immuzikation spins a consistent stream of indie dance music and blends from the likes of MGMT, the Ting-Tings, Daft Punk (of course) and little-known 80s gems. DJ Mahogany is a fanatical vinyl collector and usually has disco, old soul and funk on his turntable. Little Kings Shuffle Club and the Go Bar are likely spots to hear these guys. Check out the weekly Flagpole listings for shows.

  • The newly-opened New Earth Music Hall has taken over a venue known for its dance parties. The club has a really big capacity (400-500) and promises high production value--mega soundsystem and elaborate lights. I stopped in on their opening night and found the strobe-lit floor packed with people enjoying some throbbing house beats. Their lineup of artists is filled with reggae and dub-inspired jam electronica (think what you might hear at Bonnaroo), indie and underground hip hop (Prefuse 73 is coming Sept. 19), and DJs well-schooled in techno, house and club beats.

  • So you don't like to stay out until the wee hours? I feel you. Believe me, it's hard to balance late-night dance-capades with early mornings in the office. There's plenty of opportunities to get your feet moving before the moon rises. Monthly contra dances sponsored by the Athens Folk Music and Dance Society are held at Memorial Park administrative building, and they'll teach you everything you need to know about the square, circle (no triangles), folk and Celtic dances they do. They're a very social group, so it's a good time to meet people, too.

  • Over at Buffalo's Southwest Cafe, they're starting a regular "Dance and Dine" event in their Big Back Room. On the lineup this month are swing, tango and country line dance lessons--and only a $5 cover. I used to swing dance, and $5 is a steal for lessons. Keep up with the happenings on their blog.

Am I missing out on a huge party somewhere? What's your favorite way to bust a move in Athens?