"Darius Goes West" is an award-winning documentary about Darius Weems, a local resident of Athens who was born with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). DMD is the number one genetic killer of children worldwide. It has no cure, and it is 100 percent fatal.

I have had the pleasure to meet Darius on multiple occasions and I am continually inspired by his positive attitude and strong demeanor. He is determined to find a cure for DMD to help prolong the lives of others. The need for a cure is why you need to know about it.

Accompanied by his eleven best friends, Darius and the crew traveled across the country in 2005 and filmed an amazing documentary that has inspired millions to help raise money for a cure for DMD. The Chase Community Giving Challenge is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness and money for DMD research.

Chase bank is giving away $1 million to the top cause in a free vote and $100k to the next five winners. Darius Goes West is currently in 11th place! You have until the end of the week (Friday, Jan. 22) to VOTE and help this wonderful cause earn $1 million for DMD research. Also, be sure to watch the documentary, which won 28 film festival awards. You are guaranteed a laugh, a cry and a determination to help this wonderful cause.