Athens, GA, with its unique and diverse culture, has so much to offer to students and local residents. However, when looking for “adventure,” the fist thing that pops into my mind is Athens’ local and only scuba diving shop, Dolphin Dive Center. This exclusive and top-notch store is located off Atlanta Highway.

Dolphin Dive is owned by Tim Bridgham, a friendly and fitted businessman. He runs his shop with the motto, “What Do You Do For Fun?” This saying sums up his desire to provide Athens with the exceptional opportunity for a different kind of “fun.” Between the many class options and trips, to the best tanning beds in town, Dolphin Dive provides Athens with true and exciting experiences.

When I first visited Dolphin Dive Center, I had no idea if scuba diving was for me. I had snorkeled before, but was ready to go deeper and explore more. Fortunately, they have a Discover Scuba course on the first Sunday of each month. The equipment is provided as you are instructed how to breath underwater. This allows you to see how fun and easy “blowing bubbles" can be.  After completing this course, I knew that I wanted to further my scuba diving knowledge and capabilities. They offer a three-step open water certification process, which once you are certified, you are certified for life! There are also additional specialty courses offered as you advance in this adventure. Dolphin Dive sells all of the equipment you will ever need, at great prices!

However, my favorite thing about Dolphin Dive Center, in Athens,GA, is the amazing trips they plan. In the next six months they will be taking people to the Florida Keys, Cozumel, an all-exclusive week on a sailboat, and many more exotic locations! The trips are reasonably priced, and I am personally planning on taking a trip on the Juliet Sailboat, for a week of diving, memories, and fun with my friends!

So, if you are looking for something new and exciting, try the exhilarating sport of scuba diving. They say that scientists know more about the moon than our own oceans.  So if you are ready to become an explorer, let the journey begin!
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