Athens, GA is famous for its music scene. And you might have heard of those Georgia Bulldogs a time or two. What you might not be as familiar with is the art scene in Athens.
Stroll downtown and you can check out dozens of galleries or boutiques featuring all local products.

Beyond that, some Athens artists are taking their creativity to the web.

Etsy, the popular Web site that allows local artists to showcase and sell their products, is home to over 70 Athens area artists. The blog Lillyella featured 6 artists from Athens recently (click here to view the post).

In addition to those great finds, my top 3 Athens Etsy designers are below.

1. Kittybutt (animal inspired art by Cathy Dailey)
2. ipullprints (prints individually pulled from hand-carved molds)
3. j.Nic Designs (home grown jewelry)

To sample more local creative wares in Athens, check out the Craft Athens blog.