If you're not heading to Jacksonville this weekend & looking for a fun activity for Halloween night, check out the The Wild Rumpus Halloween Parade and Spectacle .

For those who have experienced Halloween in Athens, you know that plenty of people arrive downtown dressed in full costume. The problem? Since it's the weekend of GA/FL some bars are closed, others are almost empty, & you end up feeling ridiculous being the only person dressed up.

The Wild Rumpus Halloween Parade and Spectacle is aiming to be the solution. Ready to take over downtown starting at 10 p.m. the Web site says:

"The vision of The Wild Rumpus is to provide an organized avenue for the massive array of Athens creativity which manifests with such awesome power every Halloween. This year we seek to organize this event for the purpose of channeling the creative spirit into a collaborative, all-inclusive, peaceful, fun time for all."

The event leaders will also be compiling videos & photos for a short feature.

After circling downtown a few times, the event will culminate at 11:11 with a party at Tasty World Uptown.
Participants will be organized into brigades including one led by the CVB's April Moore Skelton. To sign up for a bridgade and for more information including meet-up location, key costume guidelines, & key local ordinances (there's still an open-container policy even on Halloween!) visit the Wild Rumpus Website by clicking here.