My Sunday during the long weekend all started with a frisbee and got better from there. Actually, it all started with a bunch of frisbees. Who knew that they came in so many shapes and colors now. You can get foldable fabric ones, tiny "distance driver" ones, and ones that have holes in the middle. That can't be aerodynamic, can it? We finally settled on a highlighter yellow one with a metallic warrior embossed on the front. It was about eight dollars at Half Moon Outfitters in 5 Points. They had a bunch of neat stuff in there this past Sunday like 1-person tents and hacky sacks. Check it out if you're looking for rain gear. They had a bunch of men's and women's on sale.

We head to Bishop Park off of Prince to break in our purchase. On the way I spot that car show that's hosted by The Varsity. I've always meant to check it out. The entire parking lot was full of antique cars that had been restored. We saw mustangs, chargers, and an edsel. They were all flawless, but then again I know squat about cars. The owners would occasionally get up from their shady folding chair and buff the cars with diapers. As a joke, I wanted to go pop the hood of my dirty, red Dodge Caliber to see if it could generate any interest.

After the car show, we head to the park. There were already a good number of people out. They were throwing frisbees too or reading on blankets. That's just what you do in Athens. Right before kickoff of last Saturday's game, I saw a guy reading poetry and eating little fruits in a shady spot next to New Tate. It was amazing that he could concentrate with hundreds of rowdy fans walking by. I love all of the different people you can find in this city.

After throwing our new frisbee for a while, I started to get sunburned so we retreated to the basketball court. It's the same one they hold the Athens Farmers Market on each Saturday. Long story short, we found a perfectly good basketball, I found a dollar on the ground, and half-court shots are just as difficult as they should be. Athens is definitely a city that you can take your time exploring. It has a funny way of leading you in a completely different direction than you had anticipated.