What are girls made of? Sugar and Spice, and Everything Nice?

Before you answer that, meet The Classic City Roller Girls- a group of Athens girls who'd love nothing more than to show you, and a packed arena of spectators, just exactly what they are made of. And I can go ahead and tell you, it is not sugar.

The Classic City Roller Girls are a tangy, tough team of fierce female athletes on skates, and often also, in fishnets and fake eyelashes. Today, the all-American contact sport of Roller Derby is revived and thriving among aggressive women all over the world. And Athens, GA, is no exception- with ever-expanding local interest making The Classic City Roller Girls impossible to ignore.

I already knew a lot about the pop culture praise of the national Roller Derby scene when I heard about the Athens league, but after attending my first actual bout at the Athens Arena, I gained a whole new respect for the sport and the Classic City Roller Girls. Roller Derby is fully physical, highly energized, heart-pumpingly exciting, and just incredibly fun to watch. I have attended few sports events quite like a Roller Derby bout, and we are lucky enough in Athens, GA to have a dedicated team worth watching and cheering on manically from the stands.

In more focused moments of my Roller Derby viewing experience, I was able to stay quiet long enough to capture a few videos. Later, I was even able to interview a few of the Athens' roller girls myself. The video account of my first Classic City Roller Girls and Roller Derby bout experience are below for your viewing enjoyment.

There may not be a home football game in Athens this weekend, but there will certainly be a high energy sporting event worthy of your support taking place- Don't miss your chance to see the Classic City Roller Girls face off against the Atlanta Roller Girl's Jukes of Hazard at this Saturday's Fall Brawl at the Athens Arena - Saturday, September 24th at 7 p.m. | Tickets can be purchased at the door for $12 (adults), $5 (kids 6-10), & free admission for children 5 and under. Advance tickets can be purchased here for only $10.