If you are looking for a way to save money yet still enjoy everything Athens has to offer, Athens' resident Susan Dickerson has you covered.

Dickerson retired from a Fortune 100 company in December and was looking for something that would help local businesses.

She came across SuddenValues, a national website which allows local residents to create a medium for local businesses to promote coupons, savings and specials all in one place. Users are adopted into an email program where they will receive weekly updates or they can visit the website to learn about specials.

"SuddenValues came to the forefront in my search. I believe it will provide a great community for merchants and sell locally and for a cross-promotion opportunity between business' customers," says Dickerson.

Some of this week's sponsors include Revive Salon and Athens Golf Etc., but the site is growing rapidly.

Next time you go out, check out SuddenValues first, you never know what you might save. To visit the website, click here.