If you have been downtown recently, you may have noticed the changes going on at Tasty World. I pass the iconic bar every day, and at first chalked the changes up to some late spring cleaning. Then I worried, is Tasty World closing? But as more time passed, and the look of Tasty World continued to change, I realized this must be a remodel.

In fact, Tasty World is essentially splitting in two. The downstairs bar and stage area are being remodeled as a new bar with a new name- Magnolia's. According to this Flagpole article, the new bar will feature an "extended, open patio space accentuated by finely crafted metalwork. Inside you'll find all-new furniture, handmade by the staff, plus a sleek brick bar topped with granite." The downstairs stage will remain, but is also undergoing a remodel- it is being extended to make room for a new grand piano.

The upstairs area will remain primarily a music venue. The upstairs stage has also been extended and new lights have been added to shine on Athens' performing stars.

The last substantial change to Tasty World will be the name- the upstairs area will be called Tasty World Uptown.

Tasty World Uptown will opens its door just in time for AthFest, which begins next Thursday.