The Nationwide Tour, a professional golf tournament, has added a new stop to its roster- the University of Georgia. The Athens Classic at UGA will begin in 2010.

UGA has a 3-year contract with the Nationwide Tour and is one of only two universities to host a stop on the tour. Ohio State also hosts a stop.

This tournament will replace a similar event in Athens, usually held at the Jennings Mill Country Club. When Jennings did not renew their contract with the Nationwide Tour after 4 years, the tour approached UGA.

Athens is considered one of the most-attended stops on the tour, and the tour is expected to bring the Classic City at least $5 million in economic impact.

The exact date of the tour is currently in the works, but fans of the tour at Jennings can expect a similar April date.

For more information, the press conference from the announcement of The Athens Classic is embedded below.