New Craft Beer Collab Celebrates Creative Spirit of Athens

Visit Athens has teamed up with Athentic Brewing Company to brew a uniquely curious and wonderfully Wide Open IPA that we're sure all beer lovers will enjoy. Wide Open IPA will be available at Athentic Brewing on tap and in 16 oz. cans starting on Thursday, April 13.

The Story Behind the Beer

"Creativity permeates everything in Athens."

This is our favorite quote from dozens and dozens of interviews we recently conducted with locals, visitors, and meeting professionals. Visit Athens has taken that charge and run with it, Wide Open, towards new branding in exciting new ways, including our first-ever beer collaboration. This April, Athentic Brewing Company and Visit Athens will release Wide Open IPA, inspired by new tagline “We’re Always Open.”

Wide Open IPA is just part of messaging that focuses on representing and communicating Athens, Georgia, as a destination that is always open to new ideas, inspiration, and experiences. We'll be continuing to explore and promote Athens' robust music, visual and performing arts, food and beverage, exclusive shopping, higher education, and our innovative local communities and creators that are the foundations of our inclusive vibe and creative energy that truly sets us apart.

To celebrate, Visit Athens will launch its first-ever beer collaboration with a local craft brewery during a special community event on April 13, 2023.

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