If you're in Athens this weekend, you need to pack appropriately. I'm not talking about the unseasonably warm weather. If you'll be anywhere near Downtown Athens on Saturday night, you'd better be wearing a costume. Halloween has been described as "Athens' Mardi Gras," and adults come out in full force (some bring the kids too) for people watching and posing around town with their favorite characters.

If you haven't figured out your costume yet, don't fret. Athens is ready to outfit you in scary, silly, or sexy style, depending on your tastes. I thought I'd share a few great places to pick up gear, in case you roll into town with a suitcase empty of masks and props.

Junkman's Daughter's Brother: The legendary and cavernous novelty store on Clayton Street in Downtown Athens is known for its tremendous costume selection. Check out this video of AthensTalks reporter Maggie Sims trying on some of the more interesting selections:

Local photo studio ZoomWorks shares some tips for Halloween makeup on their Facebook page.

In the Beechwood Shopping Center on Alps Road, Halloween City is stocked with everything you could need to outfit your person, your yard, and probably even your dog. Find them near Borders and the Post Office.

If all else fails, attach something funny to your head. A pot? An egg? A miniature bed? A gear? (Get it?) For more ideas, check out the website of Athens' annual downtown Halloween Parade, the Wild Rumpus. Scan photos and get inspired.

So what are you going as?