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Jackson Street Cemetery - Old Athens Cemetery

  • 350 S. Jackson St.|
  • Athens GA 30602
  • Region: UGA Campus

The cemetery, on Jackson Street on the University of Georgia's North Campus, was used primarily between 1810 and 1856. When this 2.5 acre site was full Oconee Hill Cemetery (located behind Sanford Stadium) opened. There are approximately 800 graves, including those for merchants, tailors, ministers, children of UGA faculty members, and two UGA presidents, Robert Finley and Moses Waddel. Other individuals buried beneath adjacent land include men, women and children of African descent, presumably slaves or former slaves. Others were of European and Asian descent. The cemetery was added to the National Register of Historic Places in October, 2009. The cemetery has been cleaned up and repaired during a multi-year restoration process between 2007 and 2009. Vegetation has been cleared away, head stones have been repaired and cemetery monuments, including obelisks and vaults have received structural repairs.