ATHENS, Ga. – After years of planning and fundraising, The Classic Center Cultural Foundation is thrilled to announce the unveiling of its most recent capital campaign. The Classic Vistas murals were commissioned by The Classic Center Cultural Foundation and painted by local artist Jill Biskin.

Jill’s work is found in private residences, public and commercial spaces, and on the opera stage. In addition to large scale murals, she specializes in the restoration of historic wall paintings, antique wallpapers, and finishes in landmark homes. Before moving to Georgia, she spent nearly two decades painting stage scenery for opera, theatre, and film in New York City – including work at the Metropolitan Opera - and has exhibited her own paintings in galleries and museums internationally. She studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design and continued her training in Italy and New York.

Inspired by a love of Athens, Jill included cherished monuments from around town in her work. Jill says, “For over a decade I have puzzled over how to enhance the lobby walls with my artwork. The mural concept evolved into a multi-faceted portrait of Athens, and I utilized my theatrical and fine arts skills to create vistas and hidden details for the entire community to enjoy. I am honored to play the role of a modern day WPA painter with the generous support of the Cultural Foundation.” The 40 Watt Club, the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, the original Firehouse No. 1 (now home to The Classic Center and the Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau), City Hall, the “Murmur” train trestle, the Taylor Grady House, The Tree That Owns Itself, The University of Georgia’s North Campus, the Morton Theater, and a version of the statue of the Greek Goddess Athena all make an appearance.

Layers upon layers of intricate detail create an exciting experience for locals and visitors alike. Search for hidden gems inside the paintings to see even more glimpses of Athens life. Spot Uga the bulldog hiding on North Campus, relive the past by spotting actual show posters on the walls of the 40 Watt, and look in the mirror on the front of the club to see the Rook and Pawn across the street.

In honor of the Classic Vistas unveiling, The Classic Center Theatre will be open at 5:30 p.m. before the performance of A Bronx Tale on November 11. This open house is free to the public, and guests are asked to RSVP to If you'd like to stay for A Bronx Tale after the open house, guests are welcome to stop by The Classic Center Box Office to purchase tickets to the performance.

Paul Cramer, Executive Director of The Classic Center, is “thrilled that local art is being featured in such a big way in the theatre.” He says, “Our mission is to be a cultural center for Athens and to support local artists. It is an honor to showcase Jill’s work as it embodies local life.”

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