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Where to let your Creativity Fly in Athens

Thursday, August 10, 2017 1:00 PM by Jenna Beals

Painting, drawing, doodling, lettering, dancing - you name it, there is a spot in Athens for it! Being such a creative town, Athens makes sure to give its residents and visitors a wide array of studios where they can let their imagination run wild and have a mini vacation of creative peace.

No matter your skill level or how artistically inclined you may be, these studios welcome everyone. You can bring friends for a girls night out or take the kids for an inventive, hands-on adventure. Here is a list of five places to let your creativity fly in Athens, GA!

Couldn't get a ticket to the Georgia Bulldogs football game? Don't fret! Athens wasn't ranked #2 on Sports Illustrated's list of College Football's Greatest College Towns for nothing, making the Classic City the best place to be on Saturday's, whether you have a ticket or not!