Here are three things you need to know.

One: DealMobs is an Athens-based company that offers one-day deals for local goods and services--provided enough people want in on the deal. For instance, since DealMobs has been operating, I've scored a typically $65-an-hour massage at Georgia Medical Massage for just $25 (it was GREAT, by the way), a normally $55-an-hour horseback riding lesson at Serenity Creek Equine Center for just $20 (haven't taken my lesson yet), and numerous vouchers for what is essentially half-price food at restaurants around town. With DealMobs you have to buy the deal on the day it is offered, but then you have a long window of time to use your voucher. You get your voucher if enough people buy in, but if they don't, the deal falls through. It's fun and saves money and is a great idea.

Two: Athens Food Tours is a really exciting new addition to the tour offerings in Athens. Run by Mary Charles Jordan, a UGA grad who conducted food tours in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, before returning to Athens to open her own company, Athens Food Tours does three regularly-scheduled neighborhood food tours (Downtown, Five Points, and Boulevard) which take participants through historic streets with stops at many restaurants to sample local and regional cuisine. I haven't been on a Food Tour yet, but I'm planning to go on one in the next couple of weeks--look for an update on my adventure soon.

And most importantly, THREE: Today only, you can get in on an Athens Food Tour for just $20 per person at DealMobs--that's $25 off the normal ticket price. They need five purchased to make the deal--three have already been bought. I might stockpile these for my out-of-town friends visiting soon. Get on it--and I'll see you on a food tour soon!