Athens, GA was recently voted #5 on Kiplinger's Personal Finance's 10 Best Cities of 2009. Kiplinger's chose cities that offered solid employment and the talent to create new, well-paying positions. UGA provides a multitude of jobs for Athens residents, a reason Athens is steadily climbing into polls of top cities during current economic conditions.

According to Jessica Andrews, the journalist covering Athens for Kiplinger's, reporters were sent out to 10 different cities and, once reassembled, would be responsible for advocating for the best 5- who would receive expanded coverage. Obviously Athens did a great job charming Jessica, and she did a great job charming her editors and Athens is a featured city!

The Kiplinger's article states:


"The Classic City is home to the University of Georgia, the city’s largest employer. It is also a hub of regional medical services, including Athens Regional Medical Center, St. Mary’s Health Care System, and Landmark Hospital, providing health care and jobs not only for the community but also for nearby counties. International manufacturing companies, such as Carrier and DuPont, also have operations in Athens."

Kiplinger's video/slideshow of Athens:

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While college students like myself would put Athens atop any "favorite city" list, it's nice to see publications doing the same. It's also great to see that Athens is stepping outside its' college town label and gaining notoriety for more than bars and football games.