Standing proudly in his distinguished splendor, Jackson Oak peers down at passersby in the historic and gorgeously green neighborhood of Athens, GA. As he shields neighbors, students, and visitors from the Georgia sun, his unique legend often goes unnoticed by the casual observer. Little do they know that Jackson is one of a kind, the only tree in the world that owns itself.

Originally located on Professor William Henry Jackson's property in the 1800s, the tree was full of childhood memories and cherished by Jackson. In hopes of protecting the tree, Jackson deeded to it the ownership of itself and the nearby surrounding land. To this day, the area remains untouched, even jetting out into part of the adjacent street, and the property rights of the location have never been questioned.

While other trees in Athens, GA may not own themselves, they share the same deep-rooted majesty and time-enriched significance. As the sun shines through the colorful fall leaves and magnificent trunks of the old trees on University of Georgia's north campus, people walking by are transported through the classic architecture to the leisurely days of historic Georgia. Students and locals relax beneath the cool shade, lost in a good book, or tossing a football across the sheltered green grass as they share the same land once used by University of Georgia scholars of the past. To experience the most of north campus, the university's Arboretum tour offers a walking tour of north campus that provides historical insight into area's landmarks and treasures.

Of course Athens' scenic landscape is not limited to the university's campus. Athens is also home to the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Upon entering the gardens, guests are completely surrounded by the grandeur of Georgia's natural forests and the true beauty of the property's gardens. The fall season is especially breathtaking in both the woods and gardens of the property with vibrant reds, oranges and yellows speckled throughout the trees. As a public educational facility, the area is a living laboratory with seasonal and topic specific workshops that attract nature enthusiasts of all ages. From family festivals, science nights, ecology clubs, walking trails, and a diverse selection of adult workshops, this natural areas in Athens, GA is truly an area to experience.

Other trail-lovers in Athens enjoy the serenity of the North Oconee River Greenway. Perfect for cyclists, joggers, skaters, and walkers, this 3.5 mile-long, paved pathway is an amazing natural getaway on cool fall days. The pathway is lined with historical panels, illustrating Athens' rich history providing insight on the background of the Oconee River, the former Cook and Brother Amory Mill, Dudley Park, and the Athens' railroad. Combining the beauty of the natural landscape of the area and interesting insight on its background, this pathway experience is uniquely Athens in its preservation of the town's scenery and history.

Those that know Athens know that I could go on and on about its amazing green spaces and their fall beauty. But, where you love to go to enjoy the falls leaves this season? Any amazing grassy areas and parks I should try?