568 Smithonia Road, located just beyond the bright lights of Athens into the darkness of the eerie past,  is a land where the undead roam freely among humans, and ghosts and spirits make their presence known. Long, long ago thousands were enslaved and worked to death by an evil plantation owner on this very farm.  A gruesome past and frequent unrest between the spirits and the undead have left us with a truly haunting story that rings true to this day.



Current owners of the farm, Cynthia and Patrick MacDonald discovered this dark history when they purchased the farm just a short time ago.  They later found out the secret to repressing the blood cravings of the undead was to put them to use on the farm. From this revelation, the Zombie Farms were born!   

I visited the farms just last weekend with a group of friends and it is safe to say that Zombie Farms takes the typical haunted house to a whole new level. On this 1/2 mile trail through the woods, I  witnessed the tireless zombie labor force working in the fields, their blood, sweat and tears rolling down their faces just inches away from me. I saw first-hand the ghosts of Smithonia Road frolicking in the forest with their ice cold breath visible in the dark of the night. I heard the cries for help and the shrieks of terror in the tombs of the undead. I watched as the panicked elderly searched frantically for their dead children.  

The story of Smithonia Road will unfold in front of your eyes as you wind your way through the dark and eerie wooded trail.  Owner Cynthia MacDonald says what makes Zombie Farms original is its theme and interactive experience. 


My personal experience was one filled with excitement and fear as I traveled throughout the farms. Interacting with both the undead and fellow visitors allowed for a unique opportunity to share in the terror. Before stepping onto the trail, I heard screams from afar. My heart beat faster as I moved further and further into the darkness. The group of burley college men behind me were even clutching onto each other and shaking in fear. The final scare at the end of the trail left us running for our lives. I escaped the trail sweaty, shaken and panicked before I snapped back into reality and realized I survived the Zombie Farms! 

For a spooky night in Athens, round up a group of friends and take a trip down Smithonia Road. I've recommended this haunted Halloween activity to just about everyone I know! Only three weekends remain to experience the terror, so hurry over, but I'm warning you now... there is no guarantee you will come back alive.  Babies, children and even the elderly are back from the dead and awaiting your arrival. 

The farms are open Friday and Saturday nights through Nov. 2. Tickets are $20. For more information click here.  This Athens Halloween adventure is not recommended for children under the age of 12.