Just thought I'd update you guys on some cool stuff happening in Athens, Georgia.
1. Fort Wilson Riot concert TONIGHT at Go Bar
2. UGA VIII debut during Homecoming
3. Corey Smith
4. Nuci's Space Jam- Concert Series (THE ORKIDS!)

1. Fort Wilson Riot tonight @ Go Bar, 10 p.m.
The Minneapolis rock duo, Amy Hagar and Jacob Mullins, will be bringing their own musical perspective to The Classic City tonight. They formed the group Fort Wilson Riot back in 2005 and have been adding to the rock scene ever since with a mix of electronic pop and progressive sounds. Tonight they will be giving Athens a taste of their latest work, Predator/ Prey during the performance at Go Bar.
“…Fort Wilson Riot is a tornado, their live act is a perfect balance of the calm before the storm and the glittering excitement of its strength.” -Natalie Gallagher, HowWasTheShow.com
The ticket tonight also includes sets by local groups Arturo In Letto and Catawba!

2. UGA VIII makes a big debut this weekend at the university's homecoming game
The Seiler family, owner of the mascot's bloodline, will be presenting UGA VIII on October 16, 2010 during the pre-game ceremony. The Bulldogs will take on the Commodores of Vanderbilt in an SEC matchup. The two teams will meet between the hedges at 12:21 p.m. for kickoff.
The newest mascot will replace Russ as the symbol of athletics in Athens. We just hope he's up to speed with all of the responsibilities: photo shoots, public appearances, cooling off with ice on the field, and taking swipes at Auburn players (joke!)

3. Corey Smith in concert @ The Classic Center
Corey Smith is one of the most recognizable names in the Athens music scene. That's saying a lot in a town saturated in upcoming musical talent like Eddie and the Public Speakers and music legends like REM and the B-52's. Check out the concert for some new tracks and sing along to hits like "Twenty One".
Purchase your last minute tickets at The Classic Center's website.

4. Nuci's Space Jam Concert Series ft. The Orkids and Second Suns
This concert is part of a series of great shows put on at Nuci's Space by the Nuci Phillips Foundation. The Orkids, a cool local band with an indie/pop sound, will be playing with Second Suns at 7:30. All of the shows in the series are $5 at the door. Check back for more shows and showtimes!